Special wall and floor coverings for veterinary hospitals & stud farms

Our special coverings for veterinary hospitals ensure that floors and walls are best equipped to minimise the risk of injury before and after treatment. These special coverings are designed for the unique conditions found in recovery rooms, operating theatres and treatment rooms.


SAGUSTU-impact protection flexible

Flexible impact protection for walls, specially designed for treatment rooms.




  • Size: 1.00 m x 2.00 m each
  • 4 mm reactive PU coating
  • Colour: green
  • incl. 10 mm, 20 mm or 30 mm insert made of soft and flexible cellular rubber




special flooring wall and  floor for wake-up and anaesthesia boxes

Special wall and floor coverings for recovery and anaesthetic stables


This elaborate system for floors and walls consists of a range of components and creates a very soft and cushioning system without corners and edges. 


Further information on request.

SAGUSTU-liquid robber flooring

We’d like to draw your attention to the fact that SAGUSTU Rubber Screed is made of natural rubber and is solvent-free. This environmentally-friendly composition means that a chalky deposit may form on the surface at certain levels of humidity or residual moisture in the ground beneath it. This can be removed using a standard limescale remover. Slight hoofprints are created in the surface when the puffy upper latex layer gets squashed. This squashing function is important for the stability of the horse; it will not damage the covering. Installation instructions will be supplied when your goods are delivered, once you have placed your order.

Seamless installation creates a permanently smooth rubber flooring which is impermeable to water. Impervious to PH neutral cleaning agents. A coating thickness of 20 mm is recommended in the stable area and veterinary hospitals. Installation on wood, concrete, interlocking paving, metal and other surfaces possible. The surface can be made smooth and closed cell with the aid of a spiked roller. If installed in an outdoor area, the surface must be covered and rising damp must be avoided.


In order to increase the slip resistance quartz can be applied onto the surface or an insert in the form of a rubber mat can be used. Inserting a rubber mat in the treatment room additionally protects the floor from wear and tear in heavily used areas.


On-site professional installation by our experienced team possible on request.



  • 3 components (rubber granulate, natural rubber, binding agent)
  • Black colour (other colours - red-brown or dark green - available at additional cost)
  • Weight approx. 50 kg / pack
  • Yield per coating thickness
  • from 15 mm: 3 sqm / pack
  • Yield per coating thickness
  • from 20 mm: 2.25 sqm / pack

Repair packs with the following yields when laid at a thickness of 10 mm are also available:

  • 2 sqm / pack
  • 1 sqm / pack
  • 0.5 sqm / pack ("mini repair kit")