Surface stabilisation for riding arenas and lunging pens

Our sturdy and water-permeable surface stabilisation systems mean that you can use your riding arenas and lungeing pens all year round.



The ground grids provide a good and secure feeling surface, which is key to any good riding arena. Use of our surface stabilisation systems almost entirely prevents mixing of the base layer and the sand tread layer.

SAGUSTU FlexPro (made from plastic)

Mixing the footing layer and sub-base is a thing of the past. The SAGUSTU FlexPro mat serves as a separation layer and drainage mat for paddocks and riding areas. The mat is characterised by quick laying with large slabs, which significantly reduces the laying time and the associated laying costs. The SAGUSTU FlexPro mat can be used both as an attachment in the paddock area and on a riding area. These mats are also suitable for trotting and gallop racing tracks as well as in indoor riding arenas (also on concrete floors). A sand layer is required as a tread layer and the mats should be laid with an expansion joint.



  • water permeable
  • no surface sealing
  • weather resistant
  • high stability and resilience
  • UV resistant and frost-proof


  • Size: 1.25m x 0.8m (per panel)
  • Cover size: 1 sqm
  • Thickness: 40 mm
  • Colour: black
  • Weight: 18,5 kg
  • Pallet content: 50 panels = 50 sqm


The existing substrate must be removed, the grass seam must be removed. In addition, a subgrade of approx. 2-3% should be considered. Then a water-permeable gravel layer of 10-25 cm (depending on the subsoil) is to be applied. The laying bed of crushed chippings 8/11 mm should be approx. 3-5 cm high. Now the FlexPro mats are laid. Finally, the footing layer (approx. 10-12 cm, depending on the area of use) of water-permeable sand is applied.


We recommend an edge fixation to avoid slipping.


Information on cutting can be found here.


Sagustu-perforated matting for paddocks and riding areas (made from plastic)

SAGUSTU perforated mats are made of flexible PVC. The main function of these mats is to provide shock absorption and secure footing for your horse. Furthermore, these perforated mats save water and drain surplus rainwater away effectively.





  • Size: 1.17 m x 0.85 m
  • Coverage incl. expansion joints approx. 1 sqm
  • Thickness: 50 mm
  • Surface: Pimples incl. water reservoir
  • Underside: rings
  • No special joining system, installation: edge to edge



We recommend planing off the topsoil and compacting the subsoil to create a slight slope of around 1.5 %. Next, a water-permeable gravel layer should be laid. Now add a levelling and drainage layer of chippings (8-16 mm diameter). This layer should be around 5 cm thick. Now you can start to lay the SAGUSTU perforated mats. We recommend filling them with filter grit (2-5 mm diameter) or similar. Lastly, add the tread layer of water-permeable sand.


We recommend fixings around the edges to prevent slipping.


Information on cutting can be found here.

SAGUSTU-perforated mat for paddocks and riding area with tongue and groove (made from plastic)

SAGUSTU paddock and riding arena matting is wear-resistant, weather-proof, water-permeable and has a shock-absorbing effect. Ideal for surface stabilisation on a gravel base. The rings on the underside ensure that it conforms well to the surface beneath it. This surface requires a layer of sand as a tread layer.




  • Size: 1.20 m x 0.80 m
  • Covered area: 1.16 m x 0.76 m, 1 mat = 0.89 sqm
  • Thickness: 43 mm
  • Surface: perforated
  • Underside: rings
  • Tongue and groove system on four sides



The existing subsurface must be removed along with grass roots to create a level surface with a maximum slope of around 1 %. Next, a 10-25 cm thick (depending on the underlying soil), water-permeable gravel layer should be laid. The bedding layer of broken chippings should be around 3-5 cm thick. Now you can start to lay the paddock and riding arena mats. Lastly, add the tread layer of water-permeable sand.


We recommend fixings around the edges to prevent the rubber mats from slipping.



Information on cutting can be found here.

SAGUSTU-allround paddock and riding area slabs (made from plastic)

Our Allround plastic paddock and riding arena tile is a proven means of stabilising the ground outdoors.


  • can be installed without subbase
  • water-permeable
  • stable and strong with a high load capacity (depending on subsurface)
  • easy installation
  • removable without leaving a residue

The ease of handling the individual tiles means that you can easily cover large areas in a short time.




  • Size: 0.50 m x 0.50 m
  • 4 tiles cover 1 sqm (incl. expansion joints)
  • Thickness: 53 mm
  • Interlocking on all 4 sides
  • Surface: perforated
  • Underside: grid

        - can be installed either way up -




Suitable for installation on the natural ground as well as sand, gravel or directly onto mud. The surface should be levelled with a slope of around 1%.


We recommend fixings around the edges to prevent slipping. 


Information on cutting can be found here.