General Product Information

There are essentially two different types of rubber stable mats:

Essentially we differentiate between two different types of rubber stable mats: water-permeable and waterproof

water-permeable         and               waterproof

Water-permeable rubber mats are made from rubber granulate. Liquids/urine drain through the mats and are drained away on the underside. Bedding to absorb urine is barely necessary any longer.


To water-permeable rubber mats, a drain and an incline of 2 % to 3 % are essential.

Waterproof rubber mats are made of vulcanised pure rubber. To ensure that liquids/urine do not pool on the mats, a little highly absorbent bedding is required.

Product information

Less bedding:


Depending on the mats you choose, you could save between 70 % and 90 % on bedding. That means much less mucking out for you, and therefore much lower costs.




The rubber mats are resistant to urine and studs. They meet high quality standards and have a very long service life.



Flexible and kind to joints:


Thanks to their elasticity, the stable mats are easy on the joints to keep your horse’s hoof mechanism intact even when little bedding is used. This helps to improve your horse's circulation and reduce lameness. Worn patches are a thing of the past!





Non-slip surfaces provide maximum safety - your horse won’t slip as it gets up. No hard, bare, concrete floor if bedding is pushed to the side as the horse gets up. Your horse can move around confidently in its stable on non-slip rubber stable mats.



Lower cost / less work / better for health:


The risk of injury to your horse is significantly reduced and your workload will also be less, significantly lowering your costs. Better air quality due to less bedding means prevention against respiratory diseases. Fewer vet's bills - better horse health - less stable work and therefore more time for your horse.





The rubber stable mats absorb noise. No more hoof noise and a quieter stable environment.




Enhanced well-being for your horses - no coldness, no rheumatism.





The long lifetime of SAGUSTU rubber stable mats guarantees great value for money. Bedding is getting more expensive and disposal more difficult. You can save your cash with our mats since you will need considerably less bedding and therefore the SAGUSTU rubber stable mats soon pay for themselves as well as being extremely durable.




You can cut the mats to the size you need yourself, using a strong carpet knife or a jigsaw or circular saw on a slow speed (adjustable, medium wood saw blade). A strong carpet knife is all you need to cut rolled products.




You can easily install the mats yourself, using cross or T joints.


There is just one thing to bear in mind: rubber can expand as it gets warm, so an insufficient gap around the walls could lead to buckling.





From time to time, water-permeable stable mats should be removed and cleaned. We recommend cleaning both the mats and the surface beneath them with a pressure washer. This cleaning should be carried out several times a year (at least 1-2 x per year, as required). Maintaining your drain mats prevents the possible build-up of odours and improves the function of the mats.