SAGUSTU Strip Curtains

Our SAGUSTU Strip Curtains provide excellent protection from the wind, cold and flies. The rounded edges ensure safe passage through, protecting your horse from injury.


Our range also includes the ideal fixing system. The stainless steel rails can be attached to the wall above the doorway or to the door frame, using the fixings supplied (screws, rivets and hanging plates).

The overlapping strips of these curtains protect against wind and draughts, yet provide easy access for your horse. They are easy to assemble and hang.





Roll width:           30 cm

Thickness:           3 mm 

Colour:                 transparent 

Roll length:          25 m or 50 m


We can also cut the necessary overall length for you.


Installation recommendations:


- 5.0 cm overlap for slight draughts

- 7.5 cm overlap for significant draughts

- Distance from ground 2 - 5 cm


Stainless steel mounting system:


  • Rail - 0.984 m long incl. 5 hanging plates (0.30 m long)
  • Rail - 1.230 m long incl. 6 hanging plates (0.30 m long)
  • Rail - 1.476 m long incl. 7 hanging plates (0.30 m long)

Available in three different sizes, our stainless steel rails can be combined to suit any doorway width. The stainless steel rails can also be shortened, depending on their size.



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