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Rubber coverings for:
Open barns
Stable walkways
Washing areas and solariums
Surface stabilization for riding arenas and paddocks
Rubber flooring for horse trailers and trucks
Ramp matting for horse trailers and trucks
Horse walkers and lunging pens
Stable wall coverings
Veterinary hospitals and stud farms
Strip curtains, paddock fencing tape
Terraces, house, farmyard, miscellaneous and event flooring
Rubber sheets and strips for house, farmyard and miscellaneous
Event flooring

Terraces, house, farmyard, miscellaneous and event flooring


Rubber sheets and strips for house, farmyard and miscellaneous


Terrace Sheets, 40mm thick

Terrace Sheets, 40mm thick
Smooth on both sides, with connectors. 1m 2 has 16 connectors.
40mm thick
0.50m x 0.50m, reddish-brown, green, black

DK Matting

DK Matting, with large square pimples on the underside
Edge to edge
Large square pimples underneath or smooth on both sides. Can also be laid on level, unpaved surfaces.
100 x 100cm, 30 mm thick, reddish-brown

Elastic Composite Paving Matting

Elastic Composite Paving Matting:
Can also be laid on unpaved surfaces at 30 and 43mm thickness. Very attractive design. Dummy joints on top side. Easy-care. Water drainage grooves underneath at 30mm and 43mm thick.

Tip: Elastic Composite Paving Matting, 43mm thick, can be combined with Elastic Composite Paving, resulting in fewer off-cuts and making it easier to lay, depending on the surface. Halves and edges can be supplied, but they are easy to cut by yourself.
Reddish-brown (available in stock)
Available in green and black
Puzzle mats are easy to lay, optimum joining system.
1,120 x 1,000mm, 1 mat = approx. 1.12m 2
15mm, 30mm and 43mm thick

SAGUSTU Elastic Composite Paving Stones

Elastic Composite Paving at the entrance to a horse walker
Elastic Composite Paving is of the highest possible quality, special area of application for horses. We guarantee optimum resistance to wear so the covering lasts for a long time. Drainage is mainly done using the joints and a slope.
43mm thick, reddish-brown, green, black
Can also be laid on unpaved surfaces. Very attractive design and easy to look after.


Fixation: screwing or gluing
reddish brown
per 500 mm long

Allround Paddock- and riding area tile
made of plastic

Allround Paddock- and riding area tile
portable without base layer
no floor sealing
permeable to water
high load capacity and stable
one side perforated, one side raster – portable both way
massive connections on 4-sides
easy to portable
easy to remove, no residue
Because of easy handling with allround paddock- and riding area tiles you can cover big areas in a little time, low priced and uncomplicated. Equal for grassland, Sand, gravel or mud.
Size of tile:
Attention: Size alteration!
approx. 49,5 x 49,5 x 5,5 cm
4 tiles = approx. 1 m² (joints included)
Size of pallet:
approx. 1,10 x 1,10 x 2,20 m
Quantity per pallet:
140 tiles = 35 qm
Download Installation of riding areas on natural floor without base layer

SAGUSTU Rubber Granulate Matting

Rubber Granulate Matting
Robust, anti-slip and elastic flooring, incommensurable with normal granulate rubber. Beside horse range also very suitable for sportily used general-purpose areas.
1.50m wide
Various roll lengths can be supplied
Various colours
Thicknesses: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 10, 12mm
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Pimpled Covering

Pimpled Covering
4mm thick, black and red
Roll at 1m wide, 10m long

Narrow Groove Mats

Narrow Groove Mats
As a non-slip covering for carriages, pick-ups, minibuses and trunks.
3mm thick, surface with narrow grooves, fabric pattern on underside
Roll length: 10m, cut possible
Roll width: 1m, 1.20m


Puzzle system
Particularly suitable for horse walkers
Almost no waste material
Quick and easy installation
wear- and abrasion-resistant
antislip, exclusively surface, stable
soft on the joints and absorbs sound
rubber mat protects against injuries
elastic and heat-insulating
particularly hygienic, easy to clean
mats can be adjusted, compact compound
Surface abrasive hammered, grooved profile underneath, plate ware
black, 19 mm strength.
Mat size:
0,39 x 0,34 m, (Puzzle system on 2 sides)
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Level gravel / chippings, concrete or concrete compositive paving

Rubber sheets for house and farmyard create a non-slip and cushioning floor covering that is attractive, easy to clean and noise insulating. Its low weight makes it ideal as a terrace or balcony covering. Waterproof or water permeable floor coverings can be used, depending on the surface and intended use.

Vehicle access:
Depending on the surface, SAGUSTU Elastic Composite Paving Mats and SAGUSTU Composite Paving can be driven on. These high quality coverings are extremely hardwearing when used for equestrian applications. They are weather and frost proof and can even be sprinkled with e.g. grit in the winter.

Easy to fit yourself! If you are only covering partial areas, it might be worth fixing the mats mechanically using rust-proof screws or edging. Depending on the surface, you can also use adhesive to attach the coverings. Rubber expands when it heats up and ridges can be formed if the mats are too close to a wall. A gap between the covering and the wall is recommended, depending on the temperature when the covering was laid.

Make adjustments using a flooring knife or electric chainsaw. Making various different measurements can minimize off-cuts.
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