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Rubber coverings for:
Waterproof rubber matting for stables
Water permeable rubber matting for stables
Plastic stable flooring with tongue and groove
Open barns
Stable walkways
Washing areas and solariums
Surface stabilization for riding arenas and paddocks
Rubber flooring for horse trailers and trucks
Ramp matting for horse trailers and trucks
Horse walkers and lunging pens
Stable wall coverings
Veterinary hospitals and stud farms
Strip curtains, paddock fencing tape
Terraces, house, farmyard, miscellaneous and event flooring

Rubber coverings for stables

You can use our coverings even if your horses have studs.

Waterproof rubber matting for stables


Rhomb Stable Matting

Diamond Stable Matting
Edge to edge
Easy to lay edge to edge, on level and firm surfaces.
Surface: small diamonds, underside: smooth
17 mm thick, black
1.00 x 1.50 m
1.00 x 2.00 m
1.22 x 1.83 m

Puzzle Matting with Horse's Head Profile

Puzzle Matting with horse's head profile
Puzzle system
Money saving, around 70% reduction in bedding! With secure puzzle interlocking system. Easy to fit yourself. Exclusive non-slip surface. Secure surface for standing, kind to joints and sound insulating, springy and heat insulating. The Puzzle Mats fit together so well that they create an almost impervious, jointless covering. Easy to clean. Very hygienic. Can be laid with cross or T-joints.  You can even adjust the mats yourself.
Grooved profile underneath, comes in tiles
Black, 16mm thick
Mat size:
1.00m x 1.00m
Puzzle system on 4 sides
Depending on the area you are covering, hardly any offcuts are required thanks to:
half puzzle mats:
0.50m x 1.00m
Puzzle system on 3 sides, no puzzle system on long side
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Puzzle system
Particularly suitable for horse walkers
Almost no waste material
Quick and easy installation
wear- and abrasion-resistant
antislip, exclusively surface, stable
soft on the joints and absorbs sound
rubber mat protects against injuries
elastic and heat-insulating
particularly hygienic, easy to clean
mats can be adjusted, compact compound
Surface abrasive hammered, grooved profile underneath, plate ware
black, 19 mm strength.
Mat size:
0,39 x 0,34 m, (Puzzle system on 2 sides)
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Download Siehe Cavallo (04/2010)

SAGUSTU-Boxmat-Duplex-Special items

SAGUSTU-Boxmat-Duplex-Special items
Edge to edge
Can be laid either way up. Easy to lay fitting to edge. On level and firm, concrete or concrete composite paving surfaces.

Special dimensions are also possible: eg. widths 1 m or 1,10 m and lengths up to 2,00 m.
Surface big hammer dimple effect backside expanded grooving
18 mm thick, black
Mat Size:
1,00 m x 1,50 m
1,00 m x 1,65 m

Air Cushion Matting with tongue and groove* Protected design

*Protected design
Air Cushion Matting with tongue and groove
Tongue and groove
Air cushioning rings for maximum heat insulation! Optimum springiness makes stable floors really comfortable. It's easy to see how these mats benefit your horse, standing up or lying down.  Minimum bedding. Tongue and groove system allows for cross or T-joints.
Non-slip surface profile, air cushioning rings underneath
Mat size:
1.20 m x 0.80 m, 30 mm thick
Top surface:
approx. 1,170 x 770 mm, 1 mat = 0.90 m2

Universal Stable Matting

Universal Stable Matting
Edge to edge
Fitting the mats with the pimpled side up creates a non-slip covering, even on slopes. If the pimples are facing down, urine and other liquids can drain away. Can be laid either way up.
One side lengthwise grooves, one side burl
17mm thick, black
Mat size:
1.22m x 1.83m

SAGUSTU Liquid Rubber Flooring

Jointless Rubber Flooring
Repair kits available for 1m² and 2m²
New! Mini-Set for repairs of areas up to 0.50 sqm
This flooring has no joins, so it creates a long-lasting, seamless waterproof surface. Resistant to pH-neutral cleaners. A thickness of 20mm is recommended for stables and animal hospitals. Can be laid on wood, concrete, composite paving, metal and other surfaces. A spiked roller can be used to create a smooth and closed-cell surface. If used outside, the surface must be covered and moisture build-up must be avoided.

The surface can be quarz-coated to improve non-slip qualities if laid on a wet surface, e.g. wash area. Professional fitting on-site by our experienced team is available.

Other uses:
Stable walkways
Wash areas
Animal hospitals
Horse containers
Animal shelters

Please note that Jointless Rubber Flooring is made from natural rubber and is solvent-free. This environmentally-friendly composition means that, at certain levels of air humidity or residual moisture in the surface, a layer of limescale may form. It can be removed using a standard limescale remover. Slight hoofprints in the surface can form when the puffy upper latex layer gets squashed. This squashing function is important so that the horse can stand up safely and it will not damage the covering. You will receive fitting instructions with delivery, once the order has been placed.
3 components(rubber granulate, natural rubber, binder)
Color - black (other colors available on request - reddish-brown and dark green - for extra charge) weight approx. 50kg / pack
Coverage at thickness of 15 mm:
3 m2 / pack
Coverage at thickness of 20mm:
2.25 m2 / pack
Download Fitting instructions
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Level and firm surface, concrete or composite paving. A slope is not required.

When using the waterproof rubber stable matting, you will still need a little bedding to soak up the urine. Any liquid that seeps into the joints between the mats will evaporate. Stables fitted with these rubber mats are hygienic and odour-free.

Less bedding:
50-70% less bedding – means much less mucking out and less expense.

The rubber stable mats are urine and stud proof. They also very long-lasting and meet high quality standards.

Soft and kind to joints:
The springy and cushioning effect of the rubber stable matting protects the hoof mechanism, even when less bedding is used. This is important for your horse because it means better circulation and less lameness. Worn patches become a thing of the past!

Non-slip surface provides the highest level of safety - your horse won't slip when he tries to stand up – no bare, hard concrete floor if bedding gets pushed aside when the horse stands up - the non-slip rubber stable matting allows your horse to move comfortably around his stable.

Cheaper, easier and healthier:
Your horse's risk of injury has been reduced to the absolute minimum, along with your workload and, therefore, costs. Less bedding means better air quality - helps to prevent respiratory problems. Lower vet's bills - healthier horses - less mucking out - more time with your horse.

Noise insulating:
The rubber stable mats reduce noise, eliminating the sound of hooves and making stables quieter.

Heat insulating:
Rubber stable matting increases your horse's comfort - no cold, no rheumatism.

SAGUSTU rubber stable mats are long-lasting, making them an economical choice. Bedding is becoming increasingly expensive and more difficult to dispose of.
Our products can save you money, because you will only need max. 30% of the bedding you used to use. SAGUSTU rubber stable mats will pay for themselves, thanks also to their longevity, in a short time. After just a few months, according to a Cavallo test!

Easy to fit yourself! Weighing on average 20kg/m 2 , the corners of the mats won't turn up (even if they haven't been joined together), so muck can't get underneath them. If you aren't using full matting, we recommend that you attach the mats mechanically using rust-proof screws or use a surround, if you're not using Eldorado Puzzle Matting or Eldorado Air Cushion Matting. Rubber expands when it heats up and ridges can be formed if the mats are too close to a wall.

Adjust using a carpet knife. Making various different measurements can minimize off-cuts.