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Rubber coverings for:
Open barns
Stable walkways
Rubber rolls and strips
Rubber stable matting / sheets and rubber blocks
Jointless caoutchouc flooring – all in one
Washing areas and solariums
Surface stabilization for riding arenas and paddocks
Rubber flooring for horse trailers and trucks
Ramp matting for horse trailers and trucks
Horse walkers and lunging pens
Stable wall coverings
Veterinary hospitals and stud farms
Strip curtains, paddock fencing tape
Terraces, house, farmyard, miscellaneous and event flooring

Rubber floorings for stable walkways

You can use our coverings even if your horses have studs.

Jointless rubber flooring - all in one


SAGUSTU Liquid Rubber Flooring

Jointless Rubber Flooring
Repair kits available for 1m² and 2m²
New! Mini-Set for repairs of areas up to 0.50 sqm
This flooring has no joins, so it creates a long-lasting, seamless waterproof surface. Resistant to pH-neutral cleaners. A thickness of 20mm is recommended for stables and animal hospitals. Can be laid on wood, concrete, composite paving, metal and other surfaces. A spiked roller can be used to create a smooth and closed-cell surface. If used outside, the surface must be covered and moisture build-up must be avoided.

The surface can be quarz-coated to improve non-slip qualities if laid on a wet surface, e.g. wash area. Professional fitting on-site by our experienced team is available.

Other uses:
Stable walkways
Wash areas
Animal hospitals
Horse containers
Animal shelters

Please note that Jointless Rubber Flooring is made from natural rubber and is solvent-free. This environmentally-friendly composition means that, at certain levels of air humidity or residual moisture in the surface, a layer of limescale may form. It can be removed using a standard limescale remover. Slight hoofprints in the surface can form when the puffy upper latex layer gets squashed. This squashing function is important so that the horse can stand up safely and it will not damage the covering. You will receive fitting instructions with delivery, once the order has been placed.
3 components(rubber granulate, natural rubber, binder)
Color - black (other colors available on request - reddish-brown and dark green - for extra charge) weight approx. 50kg / pack
Coverage at thickness of 15 mm:
3 m2 / pack
Coverage at thickness of 20mm:
2.25 m2 / pack
Download Fitting instructions
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Because it has no joins, SAGUSTU Jointless Rubber Flooring creates a waterproof surface. SAGUSTU Jointless Rubber Flooring is non-slip, very easy to clean and absorbs the sound of hooves. Stables fitted with SAGUSTU Jointless Rubber Flooring are hygienic and odour-free.

Non-slip / reduced risk of injury:
The risk of injury for your horses is reduced to the absolute minimum. Non-slip surface
ensures the highest degree of safety and allows your horse to move around his stable happily. The rubber flooring absorbs sound, eliminating the sound of hooves and creating a peaceful atmosphere.

SAGUSTU Jointless Rubber Flooring is urine proof and resistant to pH-neutral cleaners.

It is possible to lay the jointless flooring yourself if you follow the instructions. Professional assembly on site by our experienced team is also available! You will receive fitting instructions with delivery,
once the order has been placed. If you are laying the flooring outside then the area must be covered. Moisture build-up must be avoided.