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Rubber coverings for:
Open barns
Stable walkways
Washing areas and solariums
Surface stabilization for riding arenas and paddocks
Rubber flooring for horse trailers and trucks
Ramp matting for horse trailers and trucks
Horse walkers and lunging pens
Horse walkers and lunging pens without top layer
Horse walkers and lunging pens with top layer
Stable wall coverings
Veterinary hospitals and stud farms
Strip curtains, paddock fencing tape
Terraces, house, farmyard, miscellaneous and event flooring

Rubber coatings for horse walkers and lunging pens

You can use our coverings even if your horses have studs.

Horse walkers and lunging pens without top layer (Not necessary to apply sand)


SAGUSTU Elastic Composite Paving Stones

Elastic Composite Paving at the entrance to a horse walker
Proven quality, special area of application for horses, because of best abraison resistance! Weather and frost proof! Can also be laid on unpaved surfaces. Appealing design and easy to look after.

Not all rubber blocks are suitable for horses!
43mm thick, reddish-brown
Other colors: green, black

Elastic Composite Paving Matting

Elastic Composite Paving Matting:
Proven quality, optimum resistance to wear! Weather and frost proof! Can also be laid on unpaved surfaces at 30 and 43mm thickness. Very attractive design thanks to
dummy joints on top side. Easy-care. Water drainage grooves underneath, 30mm and 43mm thick.

Elastic Composite Paving Matting, 43mm thick, can be combined with Elastic Composite Paving Matting, 43mm thick, resulting in fewer off-cuts and making it easier to lay, depending on the surface. Halves and edges can be supplied, but they are easy to cut by yourself.
Reddish-brown (available in stock), green, black, can be combined together
Mats can be attached together
1,120 x 1,000mm, 1 mat = approx. 1.12m 2
15mm, 30mm and 43mm thick

Fix-Puzzle for Horsewalkers

Puzzle system
Particularly suitable for horse walkers
Almost no waste material
Quick and easy installation
wear- and abrasion-resistant
antislip, exclusively surface, stable
soft on the joints and absorbs sound
rubber mat protects against injuries
elastic and heat-insulating
particularly hygienic, easy to clean
mats can be adjusted, compact compound

Particularly suitable for horse walkers because it`s wear- and abrasion – resistant.

Surface abrasive hammered, grooved profile underneath, plate ware
black, 19 mm strength.
Mat size:
0,39 x 0,34 m, (Puzzle system on 2 sides)
Schadstoffarmes Produkt:
Download Siehe Cavallo (04/2010)

Puzzle Matting with Horse's Head Profile

Puzzle Matting with horse's head profile
Puzzle system
Money saving, around 70% reduction in bedding! With secure puzzle interlocking system. Easy to fit yourself. Exclusive non-slip surface. Secure surface for standing, kind to joints and sound insulating, springy and heat insulating. The Puzzle Mats fit together so well that they create an almost impervious, jointless covering. Easy to clean. Very hygienic. Can be laid with cross or T-joints.  You can even adjust the mats yourself.
Grooved profile underneath, comes in tiles
Black, 16mm thick
Mat size:
1.00m x 1.00m
Puzzle system on 4 sides
Depending on the area you are covering, hardly any offcuts are required thanks to:
half puzzle mats:
0.50m x 1.00m
Puzzle system on 3 sides, no puzzle system on long side
Schadstoffarmes Produkt:
Download Siehe Cavallo (04/2010)
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Level gravel / chippings, concrete or concrete compositive paving.

There should ideally be a slope.

Use the covering in the horse walker to achieve a non-slip and easy-to-clean surface that doesn't need a top layer. Your horse walker will be useable all year round, whether it's outside or covered. Mud becomes a thing of the past Please note that a top layer is more horse-friendly, but more care-intensive.

The rubber matting is urine and dung proof, meets high quality standards and has a very long lifespan (wear will occur).

Kind to joints / elastic:
The springy and cushioning effect of the covering protects the hoof mechanism. This is important for your horse because it means improved circulation and healthy hooves.

Non-slip surface, creating the highest possible level of safety. Your horse can move happily, thanks to the non-slip covering.

Noise insulating:
The rubber covering absorbs sound, eliminating the sound of hooves and creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Easy to fit yourself! We recommend using edging if you are covering partial surfaces. Rubber expands when it heats up and ridges can be formed if the mats are too close to a wall. The surface should be under cover if you are laying Eldorado Puzzle Matting and Puzzle Matting for outdoor horse walkers.

Rubber: adjust using flooring knife, jigsaw, electric chainsaw. Making various different measurements minimizes off-cuts.