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Horse trailers + trucks Stalls + stables Paddocks + riding arenas Animal hospitals + studs Horse walkers Other
Rubber coverings for:
Open barns
Stable walkways
Washing areas and solariums
Surface stabilization for riding arenas and paddocks
Rubber flooring for horse trailers and trucks
Ramp matting for horse trailers and trucks
Horse walkers and lunging pens
Stable wall coverings
Veterinary hospitals and stud farms
Strip curtains, paddock fencing tape
Terraces, house, farmyard, miscellaneous and event flooring
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Welcome to the website of your specialist for rubber equestrian products!


We have more than 25 years of experience in the equestrian flooring sector


We offer multiple product solutions for any kind of surface rubber coverings and mats for horse stables, trailers and washing areas.

Our Environmental Contribution:
Mostly of our rubber products are manufactured of premium natural rubber and recycled rubber.
SAGUSTU is a highly competitive and skilled partner for fitting stables, animal hospitals, etc. as well as for surface stabilization for riding arenas and stables. Our products range from stable mats (rubber mats for barns and rubber mats for farm areas, rubber paving stones) and innovative rubber screed to rubber floorings for horse trailers.
The SAGUSTU stable matting range (stable coverings) includes the perfect solution for every stable floor, whether it's a concreted, natural or gravel surface. Our stall and paddock mats (rubber mats for open barns) save you bedding, time and money.

Safety and minimizing the risk of injury to your horse are the main purpose of every SAGUSTU product - from mats for riding arenas to rubber mats for horse walkers, stable walkways, wash areas and horse trailers. SAGUSTU products are also easy to lay and clean as well as heat and sound insulating.

We'd be happy to provide further information and answer any questions. Please see our Contact page. You can find sale products and specific information on the Sale and News page.




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